A Cross Country Meet To Honor A Former Coach

CHARLOTTE, NC – “You talk about leaving a legacy. He left a great legacy for this sport within this conference. He was a heck of a coach at Providence day.” says Covenant Day Head Coach, John Yasenchok.”

Gil Murdock started the Athletics Program at Providence Day. He coached 11 sports during his 36 year tenure, including cross country. He passed away in 2006, three days after retiring. The conference the coach helped create is still holding meets more than 16 years later.

“He had this idea years ago with a couple of the other conference coaches back in the 80’s to have some fun event that kind of broke up the routine of running a five K,” said Ben Hovis, who is now the Head Coach at Providence Day.”

This meet is a relay race in which 3 team members, who may dress up in some fun attire, each run a segment. Everyone competing knows what an honor it is to take part.

“We are all out here to honor a coach who gave so much, who poured his heart and soul into running, into cross country as a sport and as a city, Charlotte, really benefited so much,” said Senior Andrew Hempe from Covenant Day.”

The meet ran here at McApline Creek Park is not only a race to honor a former coach, but to help those in need in the Charlotte aree.

“We also donate shoes to running works,” Hovis told us. “That is an organization that helps homeless people in the area and that is something we have done for years to.”

“He had a good vision for this meet be something a little different than a traditional 5 K for kids to run, but also to run for a cause whether it be collecting shoes like we are doing today or collecting any other items that will help folks less fortunate that we are.”

And on this day, everyone involved left a winner; from coaches, to the runners, to those in need.

In Charlotte, Jeff Taylor, Bahakel Sports.