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Coming this fall! Anna Kooiman Returns To WCCB And Bahakel Communications

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Bahakel Communications President and CEO Beverly Bahakel announces that Anna Kooiman is returning home to Charlotte and to WCCB to host a lifestyle-based show.

In 2010, the sunny and beloved host of WCCB News Rising, Anna Kooiman said goodbye to her Charlotte viewers and embarked on a new journey in her television career as a morning show host on a major news network in New York City.

In the years since, Kooiman met and married her Aussie husband, Tim, left her full time TV hosting job, and moved to Bondi Beach, Sydney where she had two children, Brooks and Annabel, and launched her mom-centric fitness coaching business, Strong Sexy Mammas.

But her passion for working in the television industry remained. And when the opportunity presented itself for Kooiman to return to her Queen City hometown to host a new lifestyle show on WCCB and Bahakel Entertainment, she jumped at the chance.

“WCCB and Bahakel Communications have given me an incredible opportunity to re-ignite my television career, with a lifestyle focus this time,” says Kooiman, gratefully. “It’s my passion, my creative outlet. I’m ready to get back to it with two babies in tow and be in my hometown again with my family.”

The female-focused lifestyle show, Your Day with Anna Kooiman, will air across the U.S. on Bahakel properties as well as digitally. “So anyone can catch it, anywhere!”

And while she’s bursting to reveal more details about her new show, for now, Kooiman says, those will have to wait.

Beverly Bahakel, President and CEO of Bahakel Communications says, “We are thrilled to have Anna Kooiman join the broadcast network for Bahakel Communications, and its streaming partner Bahakel Entertainment. Anna brings a dynamic energy to the table, as a social phenomenon in daily lifestyle. Her beauty and personality mesh to give way to a loyal treasure of followers who will be charmed by her ability to make everyday living become an exciting adventure.”

Bahakel Entertainment is a streaming network of Bahakel Communications, a media company with radio and television properties. The company was founded in 1947 by Cy N. Bahakel and continues to be privately owned.