Family business on full display at Millbridge Speedway

SALISBURY, NC – Clint Bowyer, Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson tout 45 years of combined NASCAR Cup series experience.

Bowyer did not go far after his semi-retirement, jumping into the booth, and both Kyles are still on the track. But on Tuesday nights, you will likely find all three at Millbridge Speedway, sitting in the stands instead of the booth or behind the wheel.

“You know it is fun to come down here. It really reminds you of cup racing. We all have to start somewhere, I don’t care if you are a cup driver or not we all started in some sort of form of racing. At this level (it’s) so important to get them started. We all grew up together, you know all of our sons; Brexton, Owen and Cash at the cup races and you look over your shoulder and here they racing on the racetrack at  Millbridge Speedway right in our backyard,” said Clint Bowyer.

Brexton Busch, Cash Bowyer and Owen Larson all race beginner box stock, something that is their blood.

When asked what got him into racing, Brexton simply stated; “My dad and his career.”

“What happened was, is Owen got started and then we had to get started because we are friends from the cup race,” said Clint Bowyer.

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When asked what his biggest goal was this year, Cash Bowyer confidently answered; “to beat Owen.”

“You are not gonna beat me this race,” replied Larson.

“He is not gonna beat you?” Clint laughed as the two boys squabbled, “That’s what this is all about.”

“I try to beat them a lot,” said Busch.

“We finally beat that Busch kid,” said Clint.

While their sons are adamant about besting one another, for their fathers, it is about fun and the fundamentals.

“I want him to run consistent lines on the race track. I want him to learn how to pass because eventually he will get in good equipment, you know the old man, me I don’t know what I am doing out here, I don’t know how to make these things fast. But I do know how to help him formulate a pass and work on the fundamentals that it takes to be good so when you do get caught up and the night is right and the equipment is right you have what it takes to get into victory lane,” said Clint Bowyer.

If you listen closely, you can hear bits and pieces of their fathers when they talk.

“Probably just dive down deep into the first corner try not to lift and try to just win,” said Busch.

If you take a trip to Millbridge Speedway, you might stumble upon NASCAR greats, as they put the family in family business.

“It is a family thing, like we wouldn’t come down and do this with Cash if I couldn’t bring his sister and his mom and we couldn’t do this together. We would find something else to do,” said Clint Bowyer.