Girl High School Kicker Making Her Mark

HUNTERSVILLE, NC-“Last year at a cross country workout, I was running and I was given the opportunity to try out for the team and from there I joined for the last two conference games and then competed in the playoffs with them,” say Charlotte Stavis.

Meet Charlotte Stavis, a senior, who handles the kicking duties for the Mavericks of Mallard Creek.

“Everyone has been so acceptive and so supportive through this process. At first getting to meet the coaches. They were so encouraging when I first started. Obviously I was not the best at that point and time and had a lot of work to do,” said Stavis

And since joining the team, all she has done is make kicks.

“Last year she made a critical kick in a playoff game and she has been solid for us since then. Just fantastic person, student and great teammate for our guys. We enjoy having her on our team,” said Kennedy Tinsley, Mallard Creek Head Coach.

As for being the only girl on the team, that means nothing to Charlotte when it comes to football.

“I wouldn’t say gender plays a big role at all on the pressure I put on myself, but being a competitive athlete, having played soccer my whole life, I am just naturally competitive, so i want to go out there and do the best I can for both my performance individually and help the team.”

Doing the best she can has led to points on the scoreboard and respect from her teammates.

“Utmost confidence in her. When I was playing before I got hurt I would go out and score and then I would hold for her. She would kick my hold. She is a really good person. We just treat her like she is one of the guys really. She is part of this brotherhood like everybody else,” said Mavericks Quarterback, Justin Wheeler.