Local Pop Warner Team Gears Up For A Chance At The Pop Warner Super Bowl

WEDDINGTON, NC – “I mean it is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” says Titans Head Coach Michael Rogers.

While the sun sets on the season for most Pop Warner teams in our area, things are just heating up for the 11 and under Weddington Titans.

“This is the first time in WCWAA history, in 40 years, that a team has been able to go to Florida.  It is going to be a good deal,” said Rogers.

This team of young Titans has earned a spot in December’s Super Bowl for Pop Warner.  Kids from across the country will head to Orlando for the tournament.

“It is an experience cause you know once we play this season, there is no going back,” says Nolen Washington. “So it has been a great experience and we hope we can get a lot out of it.”

This team made it to the regional finals last season.

“It means a lot cause it is really big because of last year; we can get redemption.  Last year we got the regional finals, but we lost sadly,” said Chancellor Gibbs.

These young players are working hard everyday to be the best they can.

“This year we improved a lot.  We got new players, some players stayed with us and got better,” said Gibbs.  “We improved a lot and I just like having my teammates around.”

“When we get down to Florida to play, then it is time to clock in.  You know we clock in everyday like they are doing right now.  It is like a job for them.  You know we come out here right after work and they come out here to go to work.  It is pretty good.  I think they will do good and be calm by the time we make it Florida.”

The Titans are trying to raise money for their trip to Orlando.  If you would like to help, click HERE.