Nascar Hall of Famer, Ray Evernham, Laser Focused On A Progam Close To His Heart

MOORESVILLE, NC – Ray Evernham walked away from NASCAR being his full time job in 2008. But the Nascar Hall of Famer is just as busy now working with young adults who are on the autism spectrum. Evernham’s Ignite program helps those young adults build fulfilling lives.

“We started it about ten years ago in helping our members enter into college, get driving skills, banking skills, things we assume that everyone can handle and we have had a lot of success with those people getting jobs and being able to get their drivers license, working toward living independently.”

The disorder hits close to home.

“Ignite and other things have started in honor of my son Raymond John who is on the Autism spectrum. And you know I am not a golfer, not a fisherman, not a bowler, right, so what do we do. We do cars.”

Evernham took his passion for cars and started a car show called Americarna Live 10 years ago. The first year they raised 40-thousand dollars. This year, they raised 500-thousand dollars. That money will fund all three of Ignite’s clubhouses for the next year.

“We hope to set an example around the country or heck around the world that people understand that if you put a little bit of time and exercise into helping people on the spectrum..they are great great people and they can be incredibly helpful members of the community.”

For more information about Ignite or helping those on the autism spectrum, click here .