North Iredell Ladies Volleyball Team Set To Make A Run At A State Championship

IREDELL COUNTY – “North Iredell has a tradition of excellence in the sport of volleyball and our fan support is unbelievable and so that motivates them,” says Head Coach Dave Markland.

The Lady Raiders of North Iredell have had one goal in mind this season and that is returning to the State Championship match which they lost last year. The Lady Raiders have been undefeated all season. They enter the Western Foothills 3-A Tournament with all the confidence in the world which the players give credit to Head Coach Dave Markland.

“He is amazing. We love him. He has taught us so much in three years that we have had him. He deals with all the craziness. I think he just loves being around us,” says Senior Ailena Mykins.

Coach Markland said, “I think the things I have tried to do all along was increase their skills, to increase their knowledge and thinking while they are on the court. Having a reason for what they are doing, anticipating and really, as I say, just increase their overall knowledge of the sport.”

Coach Markland says you need to know the meaning of the word team, both on and off the court which his players take to heart.

“I think we spend so much time off the court that whenever we are on the court, it is like we are playing volleyball, but we are also doing it for fun. Obviously to compete also, that is the most important thing. But I think that is the biggest thing is the chemistry we share with each other,” said Emma Norris, another Raider Senior.

“I have been playing with three of the seniors in this class since the 6th grade. We all went to the same middle school and then the rest of them have been playing on the same club team minus Emily for so many years. So we have spent our volleyball childhood growing up together, competing together and getting better at the sport we love together.”

That bond now has the Lady Raiders primed for a run at a state title.

In Iredell County, Jeff Taylor, Bahakel Sports