Trackhouse Racing Had A Moment In Nascar History In 2022

CONCORD, NC – On the final lap of the semifinal Nascar playoff race at Martinsville, Ross Chastain pulled off a move that would secure his place in the final four for the championship and possibly go down as one of the wildest things Nascar fans have ever seen, slamming into the turn three wall and using it to slingshot him into Nascar folklore.

“I never thought all the way up until the 499th lap at Martinsville would I ever be talked about in the long history, the long view of the history of the sport over the previous the seventy four years and then moving into the future. I would have never thought I would be able to make an impact, make a wave big enough to sustain the test of time. I think we did that,” said Chastain.

“The first couple of things I said to people as we were on pit road and walking down to the car was where does that come from. Where does that reside in the mind of a competitor to unlock that courage and that commitment in a moment like that that makes all the difference in the world. So I think it embodied really in one moment what we are all about and it is pushing boundaries. It is refusing to say we can’t do something. It is fighting for every opportunity and chance that we got,” said Justin Marks, Team Owner.

For Chastain, it was simply a moment that wrapped up what Trackhouse Racing was all about in 2022.

“Standing on the foundation that Chip Ganassi Racing built and taking it to the level we did, with the new car Nascar unveiled, three wins for the team, a deep run in the playoffs and I mean everything I have ever dreamed of kind of happened,” said Chastian.

“I was really excited to get both cars in victory lane. That was very important for our company and to prove to a huge element of the work force here that my vision is going to work and that what i was telling them leading into this season is we can achieve great things as a great group of people,” said Marks.