Trackhouse Racing Looks To Carry It’s Winning Ways Into 2023

CHARLOTTE, NC – “2022 was everything we obviously hoped it would be and certainly we are capable of. It just went to the moon, so quickly. I was just really excited to get both cars in victory lane and that was very important for our company and to prove to a huge element of the work force here that my vision is going to work,” said Justin Marks.

Justin Marks is the owner of Trackhouse Racing. He started the team in 2021 and when it came to finding drivers, he looked no further than Ross Chastain and Daniel Suarez.

‘We have two experienced guys. We have two great stories. An 8th generation watermelon farmer from Florida and a kid from Monterey, Mexico who moved to the United States to be a Nascar driver who does not speak the language. We have got incredible talent and drive and commitment to this organization out of both of these guys,” said Marks.

Now with the success of 2022 in their rear view mirror, Trackhouse Racing sets it’s sights on the 2023 season.

“We came 235 feet short of winning the Nascar Cup Series Championship last year. What can you do everyday in this company for that 235 feet? Whether you are in the paint shop, or you are in IT or HR, you are working on the cars, or whatever it is. You know I think it is the fact there are a group of teams out there that are not happy about us right now and the way we have shown up. They are going to be motivated to beat us, so you know I think fundamentally, it is staying committed to the culture, committed to the people here, keeping them motivated, empowered, lift them up and put them in a position where they are doing their best work.” Marks said.