Former Football Player Living Childhood Dream Training Horses

STANFIELD, NC – Andrew Pearman grew up in Charlotte. He played football at Providence High School and continued his playing days at the University of Virginia. He now trains horses. Now the one question Andrew Pearman gets all the time is why make the switch from football to horses. His answer, it is a little surprising.

“It wasn’t necessarily football and then horses; horses were first. Horsey was actually my first word,” says Andrew Pearman.

And horses have been the love of his life ever since. Pearman did play football from the seventh grade through college, but then everything came full circle back to horses.

“It wasn’t until after that last year of playing at UVA that I decided, hey, you know what let’s start working towards my real passion and that being horses.”

Five years ago, that passion led Pearman to open up The Pearman Ranch and begin training horses for competition.

“What Pearman ranch is is just passion for horses, any breed, any division. That is one thing I try to show is that you know no matter what shape, size, or breed the horse is, they are all amazing.”

While Pearman has a number of horses at this ranch, he does have his favorite.

“Ivan is basically the King of Pearman Ranch. He likes eating more than anything else, but he is truly an ambassador of the Fresian horse. He is kind of known around the world. With our social media, we had over four million people per month go through our social media and he is kind of that face of that. He is just an amazing dude.”

An amazing horse trained by someone who followed his childhood dream.