Go Inside New Caddie Lounge At The Wells Fargo Championship

CHARLOTTE, N. C. — The Wells Fargo Championship was one of the first tournaments on the PGA Tour to give the winning caddie a trophy in addition to the winning golfer. This year, they took the caddie perks to the next level by teaming up with Levelwear for the new Caddie Lounge.

Bahakel Sports reporter Kelli Bartik got an all-access pass to give us an inside look at how the unsung heroes of the PGA Tour are finally getting the appreciation they deserve.

The new Caddie Lounge is a much needed place for caddies to rest up and reset for the next round. A place of their own with food, games, couches, and a barber shop just for them. There’s even an Osteopath, there to work out all the kinks to help get their bodies right after a long day of lugging a 40 pound golf bag around the hilly course. Most caddies walk around 8 to 10 miles per round and it can take a toll on their bodies.

Levelwear, one of the leading companies in golf apparel, also provides gifts for the caddies and their wives. They even offer cute little outfits for those with new babies.

Another example of how the Wells Fargo Championship and Levelwear are taking it to the next level.