Pro Golfers Visit Local School to Learn and Laugh

CHARLOTTE, NC – Golfers and golf fans came from all over the country to Quail Hollow Club for the duration of the twentieth edition of the Wells Fargo championship.

But before things got started on Thursday, May 4, 2023, two players took a field trip to a local elementary school on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, to assist one viral science teacher with a special experiment.

Nancy Bullard is the K-5 Science Labs teacher at Huntingtowne Farms Elementary school. But online she is known by millions across the globe as

When the pandemic began and shut down businesses and schools worldwide, she opened up her classroom to every screen possible.

“The genesis of the account was let me get some exciting engaging science experiments online and maybe during this pandemic when my students are locked at home with nothing to do they’ll scroll and they’ll learn something educational while on social media,” said Bullard.

Bullard joined the non-profit Teach for America after graduation, and is still connected to the local chapter. This lead to a partnership with Wells Fargo and the P.G.A to bring players from Quail Hollow Club to the classroom to spend a day as teachers assistants, helping out on that weeks science experiment.

“They’ve learned about gravity and friction in this class when we build ramps and do different experiments but for them to get to see how gravity and friction effects a real world scenario like golf is really cool,” said Bullard.

Before they got started some of the second and third grade students had some pressing questions for Tyson Alexander and Carson Young.

“When did you start playing golf,” asked one student.

“How long have you been playing golf professionally,” asked another.

“Do subjects like science and math make you a better golfer,” another question asked by a potential teacher’s pet.

For many of the students, not only is it a unique opportunity to learn the science behind golf, but it is also their first time interacting with a professional athlete. For both Alexander and Young, it gave them a chance to step away from the competition for a moment to help create a special memory for the students.

“And it is special for us just to see the smile on their faces and to see them have a good time and it kinda makes you think you know we should be having more fun out there on the golf course,” said Young.

“Just giving back, our tournaments cant function without the help of the community and volunteers and it is good to give back to the communities that give to us and I am always excited to help out the kids,” said Alexander.