Providence Panthers work to Push Up the Hill and Over The Hump

CHARLOTTE, NC. – The Providence Panthers built a reputation of hard work, dedication, maxing out every rep.

“I think that we are viewed as a program that works hard. I think we are viewed as a program that has tough kids. We are viewed as a program that when people walk on the field with us, I don’t think anybody can ever overlook us. I think that they are gonna understand after the game, whether we won or lost, we played Providence,” said Weslee Ward, the Panthers head football coach.

The only thing missing; translating that reputation into success. In order to do so, Ward wants to propel the program forward with a philosophy built on both the past and future.

“There’s people in the past that have put the jersey on and there are also gonna be people in front of you that put the jersey on and so to help our kids kinda realize that in the now, those seniors leading the younger ones and then the younger ones looking up to what is in front of them, I think it is extremely important,” said Ward.

The impact is not lost on these seniors, as they look to utilize the knowledge of those who laid the foundation.

“We are trying to carry that legacy definitely, with a lot of alumni that came through here they brought a good path for us to lead through here,” said Evan Caldwell, a senior middle linebacker for the Panthers.

The Panthers want this philosophy to get the most out of their guys going forward.

“So this is a young offense and I feel like this group comes with a lot more heart. We had talent last year, but there were just things that were missing that are needed to complete a team,” said Evan Kakavitsas, a senior wide receiver for the Panthers.

“A lot of the younger guys are bringing a lot of speed. I feel like they are bringing a lot of effort cause the older guys are leading them very well and they are bringing it trying to lead like us,” said Caldwell.

The Providence Panthers open up their season at home against their bitter rivals, the Ardrey Kell Knights on Friday, August 18, 2023.