The Cougars Are Cooking Up Something Special

CHARLOTTE, NC – Julius L. Chambers High School solidified itself as a powerhouse program in the area. Coming into the new conference only made that more apparent.

The Cougars carry themselves with a swagger that cannot be denied. Nothing changed when head coach Brandon Wiggins took the reigns last season.

Chambers finished tied for the top of the conference and put themselves on the map with strong play in the early weeks of the season. This year, the team is completely behind Coach Wiggins.

“Intensity, family love, you know what I’m saying. Anytime we need him, call him he gone be there, nine o clock at night, three o clock in the morning. He is just a good guy,” said senior offensive lineman Jeremiah Blaylock.

With a bye in week one they look to shock people with a primetime performance against Georgia high school Benedictine and their nationally ranked quarterback in week two of the season.

“We don’t want to wait to see late what we need to improve in so it is one of things as a coach where we want to embrace competition and just want to continue to get better,” said Coach Wiggins.

“Put up one hundred. I really want to pick the quarterback off too, I gotta get a pick versus him,” said senior defensive back Rondell Carter, referring to the week two matchup against Benedictine. “We gone surprise everybody. We are good, I believe in us, I know we are going to go all the way. I’m letting you know right now we are going all the way.”

Do not go looking for Chambers in any box score at the end of week one. The Cougars wait until Friday, August 25, 2023 to host Benedictine and get their season going.